How To Reduce Plastic Waste In Your Home

How To Reduce Plastic Waste In Your Home

I think all of us have heard about global warming, turtles eating straws in the oceans, animals getting tangled in plastic bags every day. Carbon emissions are bigger than ever. Pollution is killing our planet and it is time to do something about it.

Today I wanted to talk to you about plastic waste. There is no way that you haven’t bought anything that has plastic in it. If you’re buying meat in the supermarket – the packaging is plastic. If you ever forgot the bags when you went for shopping – you had to buy another plastic one. Most of packaging these days is plastic because it is cheap to produce. But what about the recycling?

Only half of the plastic is actually recyclable – the other half is one-use only.

It is hard to keep up with all the numbers but to this day there is 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile floating in the ocean. 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year, where 90% of it is plastic waste! Some researchers claim that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

If we will keep heading to this future, there will be no coral reefs, no fish, no ocean life because of the pollution. We have to do something about it! There are ways to reduce plastic waste in your household and contribute to saving our planet!

Watch the video – it is worth it!


I always start with this. It is a simple change but can do so much good to our planet. Swap the plastic containers you have at home to glass or porcelain jars! It is so much more Eco-friendly! But don’t throw the plastic containers away! Instead, try to re-use them as a decoration in your house or another storage box. Jars are great substitution for plastic and they are much more recyclable!

Little tip: if you decide to throw the jars away, remember to recycle the lids too! Empty the jar, clean it and put the lid back on. That reduces chance of it getting lost during sorting process.


I own three metal bottles and I don’t move without having one in my bag. There is so many great bottles on the market you can buy. It doesn’t have to be expensive – the prices are starting from ¬£6 and go up. I believe that the cheapest one is probably poor quality and it can leave a metal taste in your water so I would recommend to go for the middle priced one! Once you buy that kind of bottle it will last 12 years so it is something that is worth investing in.

Little tip: always empty your water bottle at the end of the day. This will help your bottle to stay clean and without rust.


The biggest retailers in the UK have sold 549 million single-use plastic bags in 2019. It is a smaller amount than it was in 2016, where the numbers reached 2.1 billion but I believe that we all can work on that. Buy yourself a couple of reusable bags. Keep it on the sight so you will never forget them when going shopping. This way you won’t have to buy any plastic bags! Simple right?

Little tip: don’t buy fabric bags from the Internet. I highly recommend to buy it from the shop itself as the quality can be deceiving. You need a strong bag that will last you a long time!


Now, this might be one of the hardest things to do as everything is in the plastic containers these days, especially meat or cheese – two things I believe everyone is buying weekly. So how to avoid that? I highly recommend to give a glass containers a go with that too! You can just simply go to the shop where they have a special meat and cheese section you can buy products by pound or gram. I believe it is called a butchery. In Poland, where I am originally from, every supermarket has butchery and cheese section inside of it so you can easily forget about packaged meat and buy a fresh chunk from the butcher itself.

Little tip: Don’t be afraid to ask a butcher to put your meat in your container. Trust, they have no problem with it and some might even be grateful they don’t have to use a plastic wrap!


Nowadays, there are more and more people in the world using metal or silicone straws and it makes me so, so happy! All you have to do is type “metal straws” in Google and search through millions of sites for your favourite! It is so much better for the world and ocean – we save turtles from eating the plastic by having reusable straws!

Little tip: Watch out for the quality! I bought my reusable straws for a small price and they got rusty pretty quickly so try to find ones that have many positive reviews and have best quality.


It was popular ages ago to have a milkman deliver milk directly to your door. Even though it is not as popular nowadays, there are some shops that still do that! FIND ME A MILKMAN is a site where you can search the milkman by your postcode! They deliver milk to you and then pick up the bottles so they can re-use them again. I think it it a great alternative to the plastic bottle milk.

Little tip: be ready for the price of bottled milk to be a little more expensive than the supermarket ones. It is after all, a glass bottle and fresh product and delivery right to your door!

What do you do to help reduce plastic waste?

Let’s Talk About Sex – Women Talk

Let’s Talk About Sex – Women Talk

Hi there! If you are reading this it is probably because you are a woman and you want to talk to other women about struggles that we are facing in our everyday lives. I thought it is better for all of us to just jump straight into it and not beat around the bush. We are here today, talking about one thing that for some might be embarrassing, for some may be interesting and for rest might be just a normal thing that you want to discover and learn more about.

So let’s start by defining sex. I mean, not the literal definition of it, no. Let’s just think about what sex means and is to us. Just stop for a second and think about what the best sex looks like for you. What do you like, what is you biggest no-no, what turns you on. I believe you probably know most of this stuff already but if not – there’s no problem. We are here to help each other and help discover things about yourself you didn’t know.

Why talking about sex is important?

It makes us feel more confident about what we are doing. We can discover a lot of surprising things about our partners and what they like. We can even shock ourselves with what we like to do in bed. Talking about this makes us understand better the meaning of it, the purpose of it and the enjoyment of it. Try to find your own definition of sex.

My definition of sex is “two people, being intimate, knowing what they’re doing and what they both like, so sex can be the best every time”. Simple, yet there is so many things I had to learn and discover to get to that point.

So the first question I’d like you to ask yourself is “Is my sex life enough for me?” and try to give the answer straight away. I am not going to ask what was your answer because in the end of the day it is something you should keep between you and your partner – at least in some measures. So today’s post I just want you to be honest with yourself. After all, having a good sex life is important for both sides – men and women.

What are our sex struggles as women?

I am pretty sure that some of us were in a situation where you weren’t fully satisfied but your man didn’t know as you felt too embarrassed to say anything so you just pretended to be happy with it. Am I right? Or when your partner was “too tired” to finish you off so you had to do it yourself? Don’t even start me on men thinking that satisfying us by going down is gross but us going down on them is totally fine. I feel like most of us have been in that or similar situation. And it sucks.

The saying “struggle is real” was never as accurate as with the sex talk.

Now, I understand that many of you can be really put off with all the talking about sex and intimacy but I believe that talking about it with other women can be really eye-opening and reassuring so let’s talk about it in the comments. What are your sex struggles? What pisses you off? What do you want to know?

There is no shame in admitting that we are kind of disappointed when our partner is finishing too fast and leaves us to take care of ourselves alone. There is no shame in saying that maybe you are fed up with normal sex and you need a little bit more of excitement like trying new positions or even new places. There is no shame in having toys in your bedside table so you can spice things up. Anything can help you discover yourself – you just have to reach for it.

What to do when partner doesn’t care about our needs?

I say – talk. Communication is the key when it comes to sex. Don’t hide things from each other, don’t try to pretend that it doesn’t bother you. Open your mouth and say something. I know it might be hard at the beginning and probably will be awkward as hell but the more you do it, the more you will see that your sex life is changing. Trust me on this. Sit down with your partner and recall the last time you had sex. What went wrong? What went right? What do you want to improve? What do you want to stop? Just let everything out.

The struggle with body image

I know that there are some women that are very conscious about how they look. Maybe you were pregnant and you belly doesn’t look the same as before. Maybe your boobs are saggy and you feel like this will turn your partner off. Or maybe you’re plus size babe that doesn’t feel confident enough to have sex with the light on. ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS CAN GO BUGGER OFF! Listen, if your partner is with you right now it probably doesn’t matter to them how you look because they love you as you are. You are the most precious thing for them and sex for men is just like a cherry on cake. They probably don’t care if your boobs are saggy, small, perky or if your belly is jiggly. They want you to feel as good as they do. They want to see you enjoying it, not stressing about how you look.

If you still have some problems with your body image, try to talk to your partner about it (yes, talking is the key – I will say it as many times it needs to be said). It really helps to hear your partner saying that he love every inch of your body and that you have nothing to worry about. If he doesn’t say that – does he really loves you?


Here are some questions you can ask your partner:

  • What do you like in bed?
  • How do you feel about using toys?
  • Shall we try having sex in different positions?
  • What don’t you like in bed?
  • How can we improve our sex life?
  • What’s the biggest no-no to you?
  • What is the limit for you when it comes to sex?
  • Is there anything that bothers you about me?

Now it is your turn!

In the comments section below I want you to ask questions, give advice, share a story! Remember to be anonymous (do not include your real name or links to your site. You can use a nickname or a fake name). Any comments that are not anonymous are going to be deleted from the discussion.

Let’s talk about sex!

How To Start A Blog – Beginner To Beginner

How To Start A Blog – Beginner To Beginner

Being a beginner blogger, I relate so much to not knowing where exactly to start. I used to be so stressed out on idea that my blog will never have enough views or followers to actually make something from it (as I assume you’re blogging because you want to make money or at least are looking into doing it so in the future). I wasn’t always really confident about having a blog and actually making money out of it. You might have a plan and a vision but you don’t know how to begin.

I wanted to share some of my little wisdom with you and assure you that there is no right or wrong way of starting a blog. If you have an idea, think about it. Think how you will develop your blog over the months and years. You have to look at the bigger picture. Of course, it is easier said than done but at least try. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A WHOLE BUSINESS PLAN when you first start planning.

Create A Vision Board

I highly recommend starting with a vision board. So you have an idea you can see in your head. You know exactly what you want to do and share on your blog. You have everything figured out, right? Well, not quite. Creating a vision board with everything you thought about – name, theme, couple of initial posts and social media setup – and be very eye-opening. You might be surprised how many things you don’t like when you put them down and look at them all together. Vision board is something I used to create my perfect blog. There is always going to be something that will go wrong or be different from what you envisioned. So try to look at things from a different perspective (literally and figuratively).

Start Small

I know that most of you probably won’t agree on this as I have seen so many posts about how to start a blog where people said to go for Business Plan on WordPress from the beginning, but let’s be real for a second. Not all of us have money to go for the one of the most expensive plans here. Some of us won’t be able to start high and that’s okay. Of course, there’s a huge difference between paid plan and free plan but when you only began to blog – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the content you put out there. After all, the content is what attract people to our blogs. You can work on the looks later on (or create your own graphics for the blog like I did). First, attract people, then make money. It all comes in a pattern, do you see it?

Focus On Content

As said above – looks don’t matter very much if content you’re creating is bad. From the beginning, it is important to create posts that will lure people in and be captivating enough to read though them. Content is the most important on your blog as it states what you are passionate about and what do you like to talk about. Try to forget about the looks of your blog and ask yourself if your blog is interesting and your posts are the best ones you can write. This will help you establish if you are giving your 100% to your blog posts or you just “fake it til you make it” kind of a person. For me, it is very important to create content where people will be able to say “that’s interesting” or “this is useful”. You want people to genuinely like your blog. Even if you would like to start from the expensive plans – it doesn’t guarantee you that you will make money straight away if there is no people reading your content.

Connect With Other Bloggers

If you already have a niche and know what kind of blog you have, try to connect with like-minded people who will follow you because they want to read your work. For example, I like to connect with lifestyle bloggers (if you are one of them, follow me on socials and let’s be friends!) because I write a lot about it. But I also love body positivity people as I am one of them and I am passionate about home decor as well. So if you know what your blog is about and, obviously, want more followers and subscribers, you have got to connect with people who might find you work interesting. I highly recommend doing it so on Twitter as there are so many accounts that can help you grow your audience from the day one!

Pinterest Is Super Important

Before I started using Pinterest I had very few views on my blog because I mainly focused on Twitter sharing. But what I realised is that on Twitter there are most of the same people all the time sharing their content and they won’t lick on your link again if they already did couple days ago. It is quite hard to create blog posts every day so we have to focus on promoting the other ones just for our comfort and peace of mind. That’s why Pinterest is so important – it gives you the flexibility to share you Pins (which you can design yourself on Canva or other graphic design sites, or you can work with ready-to-use templates) and freedom to post anything you would like. It is a bonus if you research for groups on Pinterest where people are sharing blog posts and help each other grow! It is just the other platform where you can connect with and meet people who have the same interests as you.

Tailwind Is Actually Not That Good

Many blogs telling me to keep using Tailwind and make sure I have it as it can help me grow my blog but I have been using it since the beginning of my blogging and it didn’t help me much. The free version of Tailwind gives you only 100 pins you can create and only 30 of them you can share to tribes and then, you either pay for the Premium account (which is $119 yearly) or you wait until the next month to post things again which is not a great idea if you’re trying to make your audience see you right here, right now. For me, the price of the premium account is too high and I cannot afford it so Tailwind is a big flop to me. You might want to try it or you’re already using it, but for me it wasn’t successful. Was it successful for you?

These are just some tips from me to you that I believe to work. What tips would you give to beginner bloggers?

3 Things You Should Do To Improve Your Health

3 Things You Should Do To Improve Your Health

Health is not something you should look at as an optional thing. I know people that are neglecting their health by simply not caring what they do or eat. Some people think that if your health is already not in the right place, there is nothing you can do. For me, there is always a way to improve your lifestyle and health so you feel better.

I went on a little research yesterday to prepare this post the right way. I visited more than 10 sites and have read through all the things you can do to be healthier. I found out a lot of stuff that I have been doing wrong too. I tried to pin-point the most important things to look after. It was a challenge. There is never enough that you do for yourself. Trust me, there’s always something missing. But that is not a point of my blog post today. I wanted to show you that even simple things can help you with your health. It doesn’t matter if you love food and sometimes eat too much, or you don’t know what to do to improve your health the easy way.

Drink Your Water

I know, so simple, right? In fact, there are so many benefits of drinking the right amount of water. Doctors say that you should drink 2.5 litres of water daily. Water flushes the toxins out of your body which seems like a great start to me. It also regulates the body temperature and helps your brain to function properly. It makes you fuller if you drink it before eating, so you won’t consume that much and might lose some pounds.

Other benefits include:

  • it may prevent kidney stones
  • it is great for the skin
  • it may help with your mood
  • it may help you with memory
  • it reduces the bladder infections
  • it improves the exercise performance
  • it helps with digestion

Eat Your 5 A Day

I know people that hate eating their greens. The texture, the smell, the taste – it all is a factor of why some people refuse to eat fruits and veggies. Some people won’t eat fruits unless it is a smoothie. Some people hate salads. And I totally get it. Some of the greens aren’t the best looking or the best smelling ones. But try to choose a couple of them to eat throughout the day. If you like smoothies – make them for breakfast! If you like broccoli – eat it with your dinner. Just try to squeeze in the 5 of them in a day. It can be in any shape – juice counts as well!

What are the benefits?

  • great source of vitamins and minerals
  • perfect source of dietary fibre
  • may reduce the risk of heart disease

If you’d like to get to know more click here to visit NHS site, where you can find the further explanation and delicious recipes to include in your day . You might also find it useful to look into the treating the digestive problems and what causes them.

Get A Good Night Sleep

That is the hardest part for me. Especially now, when I don’t go to work because of the pandemic, I have been spending much more time awake than asleep. It’s been hard for me to fall asleep and I am not getting enough sleep time in my schedule – not because I don’t want to, but because my body got used to me sitting awake until 2 AM. It’s entirely my fault and I’m aware of that. I have been trying to go back to my normal schedule but it takes time, so I reduced my time on social media and in front of TV and swapped it for a good book!

Sleeping an average of eight hours a day can reduce your stress, put you in a better mood and helps to lower your blood pressure! What’s there not to like right? Other benefits include:

  • improving memory
  • maintaining weight
  • keeping your heart healthy and strong
  • may reduce risk of depression

That’s TOP three things that are important to me to keep in a good health. I am aware that there is more things you may do to improve your health but things above are things that I am trying to do every day of my life. So remember, we all start small! Incorporate those little things in your life and see the difference!

What are the things you like to do to keep healthy?

Women Talk – Announcement

Women Talk – Announcement

Hello everyone! I am glad you’re here and reading this!

This post is the most exciting post I have ever written so, please, read it all through to understand what I am trying to achieve here. The thing I am talking about is a very important thing I worked on for a long time now (almost since I started blogging). I thought about it for a long time and never had courage to do it but I finally broke through the negative thoughts. I had so many doubts at the beginning and I didn’t know if I should do it. My heart told me it would be a great idea but my mind told me that nothing positive will come out of it. I decided to listen to my heart and created a page that it could help a lot of women all around the world. So here is my idea!

Let me tell you a little bit more about it!

WOMEN TALK is going to be a place where all the women are welcome to share their opinions, ask questions and give advice. As women, we face a lot of troubles in life – troubles that men don’t necessarily understand. Sometimes not even our friends can get it as we feel it would be very awkward to share some stuff with them (plus they might even judge us for it). I wanted to create a space for all of us that will feel safe. Gay, straight, transgender, pansexual or any other – I welcome all of you here and create a safe space, where you can talk to each other, get to know one another, ask questions and share your worries and stories, give advice and many, many more.

I think as women we sometimes feel like there is no one who will understand us – nor our family or friends, or partners. We feel like there’s no need to ask about things because… I can just Google it, right? Of course you can, but what if you would have an actual person talking to you? What if we try to resolve your problem together so you won’t feel like you’re left alone with it? How would you feel with the knowing that there are so many people behind you, supporting you and making sure you’re alright?

That’s what I want Women Talk to be! A place where there is no wrong questions or answers. Safe, confined and truly authentic, with real people support.

So I call on every women that reads this and went though rejection once in their life and don’t want to feel like that again. I call on women that feel like they need to talk to somebody because it is too much for them to handle. I call on every women who feel like they are alone with their problems because YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If you think it is a good idea and you would love to participate in the discussions every two weeks on Fridays – give this post a like! I think together we can do so much more!

The first post of Women Talk will launch on

Monday, 15th of June!

Are you ready?

How To Fight The Stress Away

How To Fight The Stress Away

We are living in the times where stressing about things is an everyday thing for most of us. We stress about children and how we are raising them, we stress about work, we stress about making our deadlines and getting things done on time. We never have time for others, especially loved ones, straight away and always have to squeeze them in our tight schedule so we can enjoy their company for a while – and even then we can’t stop thinking about all the tasks that we haven’t done yet. Sounds like you?

No worries, I know so many people like that. It’s hard for us to find time because our jobs don’t give us flexibility. Some may work in the company they hate, some might hate only their boss because they always have to stay longer hours at work even though they don’t want to. Lots of people nowadays make money on Instagram or by blogging about things which makes their living quite pressurised as they have to create content that is likeable and loved by many. And that is stressful enough.

I have gathered some tips on how to fight the stress away and feel better about the things we do.

Your Sleeping Schedule

I think this is the most important thing on my entire list – trying to get your between 7-9 hours of sleep. When we don’t sleep enough or don’t sleep well, we tend to be more cranky and easily irritated the next morning. For example, I didn’t sleep well last night and I got up in a mood where everything that my partner did was annoying and hard to accept. I was angry at him because of that but I knew that it was because I wasn’t rested enough. We become this little balls of stress and nothing seem to go right. I have so much trouble with sleeping so I know how it feels – everything around you seems to be too much. Your brain doesn’t retain information as well and you just can’t function properly. That’s why it is important to get a good sleep – to feel better and do better.


This is something I just got into this year but it’s been helping me a lot with calming my nerves and making my day better. I like to do it every morning and every evening. It has a lot of benefits but the biggest one is that it is reducing stress and anxiety so, so well. During meditation, you focus on you – your breath, your thoughts, your body. You are acknowledging the things that make you worried and constantly nervous. It takes you to the state of relaxation and deep, tranquil mind, helping you to let go of thoughts that may cause you stress. Doing it regularly, and it’s been proven, can end up in emotional and physical well-being which, to me, sounds perfect.

Cut the socials

It is an essential thing. Social media can be cruel, creating a bad environment for your thoughts. Nowadays people can post anything they like online and no one can restrict it. It’s a free country, after all. But what comes with it is the negativity and pain. We all went on Facebook once in our lives and the first post out there was about a war, discrimination or other negative things that are happening right now in the world. It makes me so stressed just seeing the post, not mentioning when I go to the comments section. My advice is to cut the social media for a while – give yourself an hour or two in a day where your phone is on silent, your TV is turned off and nobody can interrupt you, I went an extra mile in it and unfollowed every account on my Facebook and other social media that was making me stressed and anxious.


I never thought I would say that but journaling helped me throughout the most sad and stressful times in my life. I love doing it because no one is ever going to see what I have put inside. I can rant and I can write whatever I want in there. I can hate on people (especially that one person that always gets on my nerves at work) and she will never know! Pouring your heart out on the paper can help you understand your feelings better. You can also find writing or drawing very de-stressing, like me. The whole point of the journal is that we can get rid of negative emotions, calm down and let the stress stay within the words on the paper.

Read a Book

I know that some of you probably don’t have much time to sit down and read as you may have families to take care of or you are working long hours and just don’t fancy it after a long day. Personally, when I stress about something I like to sit down with a book in my hand and read at least two pages of it. It shifts my focus from stress to what’s the book about and helps me to fight it. According to research, 6 minutes of reading can reduce as much as two thirds of the stress level. How amazing is that?


I say it a lot and I will say it again – walks are important part of the de-stressing. Just a simple stroll in the park or in the woods can make you feel calmer. Getting a little bit of exercise is a great stress reliever. When moving your body releases endorphins – the happy hormone – and makes you feel a bit better. Just a 30-minute walk can change your mood and you will be able to return to your tasks with a fresh mind!

The things above might not works for all of you. It’s the list of things that work for me and I wanted to share it with you to give you some ideas. You might have your own ways to de-stress. Whatever is right for you, lovely! Let me know in the comments – what you like to do to fight the stress away?

5 Useful Apps For Beginner Bloggers

5 Useful Apps For Beginner Bloggers

I started my blog not so long ago. It was a huge decision to me as I had multiple blogs in the past but none of them worked out. When I started this one, I thought “This is what I love. It’s the thing that’s making me happy when I do it”. And I continued. Now, I have more than 20 followers, which for some can be very little but I am really grateful for all of them! So thank you so much, you all!

Thinking about when I started blogging I was looking for some good apps to use whenever I can, whether I am working from home or from the bus. I wanted a little bit more flexibility so I can create my own graphics, pins, totally unique posts with the big chunk of my personality shooting out of them. I found some good apps that I can use online, sitting at home, or on my phone while travelling. It helped me a lot with my blog, especially now, when I am back at my part-time job and looking to quit it soon so I can give blogging and starting my own business a good try.

The first app I devoted myself completely to is Canva. It gives you two options to choose from – free and Pro. The free version is quite limited with options but it doesn’t mean you can’t create pretty designs! You can choose from a long list of designs for Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, various covers for your social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook, and many, many more. You can even make business presentations with it. There are already made templates you can use but I much rather go with a blank page as it gives me more room to shine. I used the free version of Canva for creating a logo for my blog, and main graphics too. It doesn’t look bad, does it?

I recommend Canva because it is ridiculously easy to use, very straightforward and ideal for people who are just starting their blogs or sites. It also offers you a mobile app so you can take your designs with you anywhere you go.

Unsplash is my go-to site when it comes to professional photos that look good on my blog. Yes, I know I should be giving you my photos but I am just not very good at it yet (bear with me, I will post my photos one day!). Unsplash gives me everything I need – free pictures to download, professionalism and beauty. Their site is modern and simple, yet so beautiful. The simplicity makes the usage of the site very easy, even for the beginners. Just search the category which you’d like the picture to be in and you will have thousands of photographs to choose from. As we all know, the beginnings aren’t easy so Unsplash makes it a little bit less stressful for me. I don’t have to worry about photography for my blog and can fully devote myself to writing and graphic design.

Unfortunately, Unsplash doesn’t have an app – it is available only for desktops.

The very similar site to Unsplash is Pexels. It works exactly in the same way as the previous one. You go onto it, search for pictures and download them free on your device. What I like about Pexels is that whenever I want a picture and I can’t find it on Unsplash website, I can always try them and, somehow, they have what I am looking for. It is easy to use, modern-looking and it doesn’t overlap with the photos from Unsplash, which is great if you need multiple pictures from the same category but you want them all to look differently.

Pexels also offers an app for your mobile so you can download pictures to your phone and save them for later usage!

Obviously, when you want to promote your blog a little bit more but don’t know how to, the first thing that we all do is creating a Pinterest account. Now, Pinterest is my everyday use app. I cannot go a day without it. I had it way before I started blogging. My ideas come from there and I share lots of my blog posts on it too. The easiest way to get views on your site is by joining the group boards. I, last week, joined one of the bloggers’ group board on Pinterest. I love it there. There are so many people sharing things, giving me inspiration and motivation to keep going. Pinterest is relatively easy to use. You create an account, follow some interesting people and topics, and voila! – you can now re-pin pins to your own boards for later.

Pinterest has an app for your desktop and mobile so you can have it with you at all times, but you can also use it online, directly from the website.

You probably figured that getting traffic to your blog might be time-consuming. I find it easier to connect with people first. Finding the right audience is the key and what better site for that than Instagram. I am sure you already have an Instagram account but do you have a separate one for your blog? I recommend having one! Your personal account might have more people that follow you but most of them won’t even click on the links because they’re probably not interested. So targeting the right audience is important. Instagram lets you do that. You can search for people using hashtags or keywords like “lifestyle blogger” or “body positivity” and just connect with them by commenting on their posts. Remember to make it meaningful as that kind of comments are more likely to get a person to your page.

Instagram has a mobile app as well. You can use it on your PC but you cannot upload photos from it so I recommend having it on your phone as it is a quicker and more sufficient way to connect with people.

These are just a couple of apps I use to grow my audience and make my blog look good. I highly recommend it for people who don’t want to spend money the first month. I just bought my Premium account last Thursday because I couldn’t afford doing it at the beginning. I look forward to upgrading to Business account next month. I am sure there is more apps that you use but I find those 5 the best for the beginner (like me).

What are the apps you knew about? Is there any other app that you use and love?

The Best Plants For Your Household That You Cannot Kill

The Best Plants For Your Household That You Cannot Kill

When I first moved into my own apartment with my partner it was an incredible feeling. We finally were alone and we could do whatever we would like without anyone judging. After a couple of weeks of living here, I decided I wanted some plants around to make the place look homier. And so I did! I ordered three real, alive plants for my house. They looked fantastic – so fresh and greener than I expected them to be. We put one in our bedroom, and two in the living room. After a while, me being me, I forget to water them. Sometimes they go for two weeks without water. Why? Because I got used to artificial plants. I had tons of them back then I was living with my parents because they don’t require any care. So I made up a schedule for watering them. They are fine now (except cats nibbling on them when no one is looking) and they even began to grow new stems!

But what if you have a lot in your mind and in your life and you simply cannot afford to have real plants as you know you’d kill them but at the same time you’d like to enjoy them in your home? Well, there are some plants that are almost impossible to kill!

Let’s start off with one of my favourites – Aloe. It is a genus plant containing over 500 species of flowering succulents. It’s mostly known as Aloe Vera. Not only it is such a good-looking plant but it has so many benefits. Aloe gel can soothe burns and treat acne as it reduces inflammation and itchiness. It has a calming effect on the skin. Also, it was shown that it can help with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Aloe has not only health benefits. It was proven that it can keep your produce fresh and delay the process of ripening. The plant doesn’t require a lot of care – just keep it out of direct sunlight and soak it well every couple of weeks.

Next on my list is an Air Plant (known also as Tillandsia) – a unique looking plant that doesn’t even require soil to grow. How amazing is that? Although it doesn’t have any magical abilities like Aloe, it is perfect for giving your home a vibe of rain forest (especially if you hook it up to your ceiling and let it grow down). It looks special and only requires a water soak once every two weeks. How does that sound for all of you, forgetful plant nannies?

I’m not sure how many of you would consider having Bamboo as a household plant but let me tell you why it is so easy to grow it. Bamboo requires you to put it in the water – that’s it. Just change the water every couple of weeks for the fresh one and watch your bamboo shoots grow big and green. It also requires very little light so if you like darker spaces – this one is for you! You can’t ask for any easier plant than Bamboo. And it helps a lot wit Feng Shui feel, doesn’t it?

The Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata) is the number one plant for you if you’d like to purify the air in your household. It’s one of the easiest plants to take care of too – you have to water it when the soil is fully dry which makes it perfect for all people who simply forget to water their plants sometimes. NASA found that Snake Plant goes the extra mile with absorbing toxins that none of the other plants does – ¬†benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. Buy one and you won’t be disappointed.

Another one of my favourites is a Cactus. This fleshy, thick plant retain water better than any other plant. I believe that all of us, at some point in our lives, had a cactus in their rooms. I mean, what’s not to like? It’s pretty, easy to maintain and you can get one in any shape or size you’d like. It is perfect for forgetful waterers as it doesn’t require much moisture. You can also keep it anywhere you’d like. Just water them when the soil is completely dry and then you can forget about it for good a couple of weeks.

What kind of plants do you have at your house? How often do you forget to water them? What kind of plant is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments!

Hygge Your Way Into Summer

Hygge Your Way Into Summer

Although winter is considered the biggest hygge season because all of us cosy up inside, sheltering from the cold with our hot cup of cocoa, blankets and big sweaters, hygge can be found in all the seasons, all year around. Just think about it – farmer markets, bike rides, concerts, festivals (what’s up, Coachella?), picnics, hike, a warm evenings in your garden accompanied by glass of wine and the laughter of children? It all comes down to hygge!

What’s a hygge? First things first, it’s pronounced as hoo-ga. There is no specific translation of the word. Hygge doesn’t have one meaning either. It means different things to different people. An online dictionary says:

Hygge is a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

The simplest explanations I can come up with is that it is a feeling of cosiness, a comfortable mood; it’s when you feel happy in the moment because you are enjoying the little things in life. It’s when nothing else matters but you and your feelings. It’s big jumpers and warm socks, it’s summer hats and picnic baskets. It’s blooming flowers and fresh-cut grass. If you ever have enjoyed a cup of coffee on your porch or in your garden then it’s very possible you experienced hygge without even knowing!

So what can we do to enjoy the hygge into the summertime to its full potential? It’s easy to forget about summer hygge, especially in the UK, where warm days are just an occasion and sunshine is a holy grail for all British people. Here are some tips on how to hygge your way into the happy summer!

Fresh flowers

Take advantage of the fact that is it the flower season and bring the nature to your home. Flowers are at their best in the summer. They look absolutely fantastic and you can see them everywhere you look. Unleash your creativity and make beautiful home bouquets that you’ll be proud of. Fresh, beautiful flowers make your home smell fantastic so don’t be scared to put them in every room in your house. They bring joy, happiness and there’s endless possibilities when it comes to mix and matching! Some of the best smelling flowers include: lavender, gardenia, mock orange, lilac, sweet pea or honeysuckle. If you don’t know where to start or have no idea where to buy the flowers, check for the local farmer markets around your area or search online for the companies that deliver flowers directly to your door. These are the best places to purchase natural flowers.

Dining outside/barbecues

Not only it is the greatest way to spend time with your family and friends but it is also a chance to enjoy the outside. The sunshine, the light breeze, the cosiness of your garden furniture, sun rays and the amazing smell of barbecued ribs or chicken. Dining outside can be an experience itself. It doesn’t have to be boring as some of you might think. You can bring your blankets out, set up a picnic space with pillows, candles and your favourite drinks and some good music. Make it look special with some flowers and wine. There is room for your creativity. And who knows, it can be one of those moments you will remember for the rest of your life.

Drink outside

It is something that can become a habit or even a ritual for some people. Try enjoying your coffee or tea, or even a glass of juice while wandering around your garden. Take in all the colours, the smells, the sounds, the views. For me (even though I cannot go out with my drink as I live in a flat) it is important to stop for a second and observe. I like to stand in front of my living room window and look at the trees, swaying in the wind and people walking around. There is something calming about it. To be in the moment while sipping your morning drink can guarantee that the beginning of your day will be ten times better.

During summer we can also enjoy some of our alcoholic drinks. In the evenings, when the stars are out or when the sun is going down, sit down on your porch or in your garden, grab your drink and just enjoy the view. Soak in the beautiful sunset. Watch your kids (or grandchildren) still playing outside on the grass. Be with yourself, get comfortable, bring yourself a blanket to keep warm. Put on some slow music. Enjoy it. Take your time.

Summer themed decorations

I don’t know about you but I love changing my living room decor with the seasons! As the winter is gone now we have to hide the gloomy colours and bring on the brights! During summer I go for bright colours such as yellows, pinks and creams. It lightens up the room, giving it the right vibe. Try to buy pillows in lively colours, make your own embroidery on them. There’s so many possibilities with this technique. I have never tried it but I heard it is such a great experience, giving people the feeling of fulfilment. Summer is also my favourite DIY projects time. I find it so easy to create things that are fun, pretty and match the summer vibe in my house!

Go for long walks

And when I say long, I mean it. Not an hour walk – go explore. Take a hike, go around taking photos. It’s so easy to forget how beautiful our world can be. When you go for walks, hikes, bike rides – you see it all. Wandering around can be so pleasant. Smelling the trees, seeing them lightly brush against one another. Hiking up the mountain, looking at the city that’s alive just underneath your feet. Looking at the strange-shaped clouds and how smoothly, slowly they move. Greeting other people and dogs on your path. Not only it is a calm, soothing thing to do but also it is an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.


Summer is the season where the juiciest, the sweetest, the most enjoyable fruits can be found. Having a bowlful of fruits on your kitchen tops creates yet another beautiful decoration for your home but also, you can enjoy the indulgent treat every time you feel like it. Or you can make it into a fruit salad – again, there’s so many possibilities to mix and match! Buy little cut shapes so you can get creative with it! If you have kids it is a great way to make them involved and happy. You can even try and go fruit picking in the countryside. Turn off your phone, put it away. Read a book while snacking on strawberries. Trust me, it creates other type of feeling.

Summer season is filled with hygge moments. You don’t even have to look far away. You just have to enjoy it, find your happy in it. Take advantage of the warm days and appreciate every second. It’s so easy to bury yourself in work, stuff to do, so take a moment, get a glass of your favourite drink, sit down outside and attract sun rays! Add hygge in your dictionary and let’s enjoy the summer while it lasts!

What is your hygge? Do you have a favourite season to practice hygge in? What is the one thing that you love to do during summer?

Let me know in the comments!