A Little Dream That Came True… UPDATED

A Little Dream That Came True… UPDATED

The shop is now opened and you can see it here.

22-year old woman, living her great life with her partner in their new apartment. Seems like pretty good life – roof over head, food in the fridge, two cats running around. But something feels off. Something is not right. The woman is not happy. She appreciates everything she has but her dreams are unfulfilled. She goes day to day with a smile on her face but deep down she knows that she is not content with herself. Why? – she always asked herself with a visible frustration – Why am I not happy? And the answer was right under her nose. It wasn’t her life, it was her job that was bringing her down.

This girl is me. I used to love my job as I worked with kids on a daily basis and it is never boring with kids but something changed. I am not sure what exactly, maybe it was the thought of having my own children in the future and working with children at the same time would be too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids and I love working with them but, as most things in this world, it is about money. I was doing a lot, even if I was working only for After School Club and I wasn’t getting nearly enough money for it. And it is not like I needed more money at this point but I didn’t have any money on savings account. None. Null. Nothing.

And I started to think about marriage and kids and I realised that if I don’t save the money right now, I won’t be having wedding or kids as I cannot afford them. And that was the point where I decided that I want to make something out of me, someone I am proud of. It was a bumpy road as I get overwhelmed easily and stressed out about things but I finally quit my job and started thinking of having my own company!

I talked to my friends about it and to my partner. They were happy for me and actually encouraged me to do what I wanted to do. And so I did. My dreams are finally coming true! So I would like to take a moment to talk to you about what I am going to do with my life now.

I decided to create a home-based, small business – CANDLE COMPANY! I absolutely love candles, I have one in most of the rooms. I thought about it long and deep before deciding on it but I am finally doing it. My little company is going to be selling high quality soy wax candles in re-usable glass jars so there is little to no waste included. We use cotton wicks instead of wooden ones because we believe in saving the tress and our planet. I believe that things should be aesthetically pleasing for the eye of a customer so I decided to make my own labels too. And the shipping is COMPLETELY FREE! (UK only)

I pour a lot of my heart into making the candles so I hope that some of you will take a look at them when they finally launch on my website!

Company name was the hardest part as I really wanted to get something that will sound nice and pleasing but will be memorable. I had at least 10 names I wanted to use but finally I decided on…

PASSION AND HARMONY CANDLES! Personally, I think it has a good ring to it and people will remember it.

We will be soon launching on our site and I know there will be a little announcement on this blog about about! For now, I’d love you to give my company an Instagram follow:


I promise you won’t regret it! We are soon open for business and I can reveal that we are going to have an amazing fruit scents like: Mango and Coconut, Strawberry, Cherry and many many more! So if you like sweet scents of fruit, these candles will be right up in your alley!

Thank you to anyone who decided to follow my company’s Instagram! I appreciate all of you!

Body Positive Babes That Need Your Attention

Body Positive Babes That Need Your Attention

If you are the person who reads my blog regularly, you must know how being body positive is important to me. I talk about it a lot on my Instagram, I love sharing my opinions about it and I wrote a couple of posts on how to be body positive. I think many people associate body positivity with plus size people but body positivity is something that applies to everyone.

We all have something that we don’t necessarily like about ourselves. You maybe were born with something that you don’t like about yourself. Maybe you’ve been in the accident and your body changed. Or maybe you are trying to hide your scars because you think they’re ugly. I have to admit that I hate my body sometimes too. But I blame it on the image that society and Internet painted in my brain; an image I sometimes can’t forget. But there are people who inspire me and make me believe that there is nothing wrong with me and I shouldn’t listen to what other people say.

  1. Megan Jayne Crabbe

This is my favourite person in the entire universe and if I am saying that – I mean it with every piece of my heart! You may know her as @bodyposipanda on Instagram. She’s one of the most positive people I know. Her posts are always so inspiring and I love her videos where she just embraces her body and dance away with such a great attitude. I have been following her on my personal account for about two years now and she helped me throughout so many tough times. She is definitely worth to check out and has a #1 spot on my list.

2. Stephanie Yeboah

Another person whom I love and adore greatly. If body positivity was a person – Stephanie would be it. Just read the caption on the post above. It is so worth it. She’s been inspiring me to be myself for such a long time now and I am grateful for it. Although she probably will never know I exist I treat her like my friend because she’s been with me through the times when no one had my back. Follow Stephanie here.

3. Jules Von Hep

I really had to promote this man – Jules. He is the most hilarious and loveliest person I have ever discovered. Men are struggling with body positivity as well. No thanks to Love Island, men are facing certain standards when it comes to their bodies. There have been increasing body positivity amongst the men nowadays but we still have to show them that is it okay if they don’t have a six-pack or huge muscles. Jules is definitely promoting this mindset. I think he’s fabulous and I love him.

4. Em Ford

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At the time this picture was taken… I was the girl with an expensive skincare routine, who found out she had 3 rare health conditions, and nobody to turn to. The girl who felt trapped and too afraid to leave an abusive relationship, so cried herself to sleep every night, covered it up, and pretended everything was okay. The girl who tried her best to keep up appearances and smile through Instagram posts and YouTube videos whilst she dropped to 99lbs, a size 00, and her body began shutting down. The girl who struggled to use her arms, who’s body sometimes didn’t work, who couldn’t remember words or do basic things on a daily basis, yet the doctors didn’t know why. The girl who’s friends barely recognised her. The girl who began to think that maybe she was as crazy as she was led to believe. The girl who didn’t know who she was anymore. The girl who shut herself off from the world. The girl who’s skin began to show the real truth of what she was going through. Or quite simply, the girl who has been through hell and back, to feel as confident and beautiful as she does today. Now if we’re really going to get into specifics, I can assure you that my skincare collection is worth a hell of a lot more than $1,437… but who am I to get in the way of a ‘good meme’ right? I’m just a girl… but I have a story, and my name is Em Ford. This is my story, and I’d love to read yours #imjustagirl. #redefinepretty #skinpositivity #acnepositivity #mypaleskinblog

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If you don’t know Em Ford, what are you doing?! She’s the girl that has been blogging since 2014 and she’s been very open about her acne. Her Instagram focuses on her makeup looks but also she is not afraid to show her skin (as on the picture above). She can be an inspiration for so many young girls that think makeup will solve the problem and they will love themselves again. Well, newsflash – you have to love your acne skin too to be fully happy with yourself. Em also have a YouTube Channel called My Pale Skin, where she focuses on makeup looks. You have to check her video called REDEFINE PRETTY.

5. Ash Soto

Ash likes to call herself “the girl with the world painted on her body”. You can find her @radiantbambi on Instagram. She has the condition called vitiligo which is a condition that makes your skin lose its pigment cells. She is proud of how her body looks and I am really in love with how confident she is! I refuse to believe she wasn’t self-conscious about it once but now – she is such an inspiration for so many people with or without the same condition. You definitely should follow her for the confidence you want to achieve.

Who is your inspiration? It doesn’t have to be a famous person – it can be a family member or a friend. What do you think about being body positive?