A Little Dream That Came True… UPDATED

A Little Dream That Came True… UPDATED

The shop is now opened and you can see it here.

22-year old woman, living her great life with her partner in their new apartment. Seems like pretty good life – roof over head, food in the fridge, two cats running around. But something feels off. Something is not right. The woman is not happy. She appreciates everything she has but her dreams are unfulfilled. She goes day to day with a smile on her face but deep down she knows that she is not content with herself. Why? – she always asked herself with a visible frustration – Why am I not happy? And the answer was right under her nose. It wasn’t her life, it was her job that was bringing her down.

This girl is me. I used to love my job as I worked with kids on a daily basis and it is never boring with kids but something changed. I am not sure what exactly, maybe it was the thought of having my own children in the future and working with children at the same time would be too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids and I love working with them but, as most things in this world, it is about money. I was doing a lot, even if I was working only for After School Club and I wasn’t getting nearly enough money for it. And it is not like I needed more money at this point but I didn’t have any money on savings account. None. Null. Nothing.

And I started to think about marriage and kids and I realised that if I don’t save the money right now, I won’t be having wedding or kids as I cannot afford them. And that was the point where I decided that I want to make something out of me, someone I am proud of. It was a bumpy road as I get overwhelmed easily and stressed out about things but I finally quit my job and started thinking of having my own company!

I talked to my friends about it and to my partner. They were happy for me and actually encouraged me to do what I wanted to do. And so I did. My dreams are finally coming true! So I would like to take a moment to talk to you about what I am going to do with my life now.

I decided to create a home-based, small business – CANDLE COMPANY! I absolutely love candles, I have one in most of the rooms. I thought about it long and deep before deciding on it but I am finally doing it. My little company is going to be selling high quality soy wax candles in re-usable glass jars so there is little to no waste included. We use cotton wicks instead of wooden ones because we believe in saving the tress and our planet. I believe that things should be aesthetically pleasing for the eye of a customer so I decided to make my own labels too. And the shipping is COMPLETELY FREE! (UK only)

I pour a lot of my heart into making the candles so I hope that some of you will take a look at them when they finally launch on my website!

Company name was the hardest part as I really wanted to get something that will sound nice and pleasing but will be memorable. I had at least 10 names I wanted to use but finally I decided on…

PASSION AND HARMONY CANDLES! Personally, I think it has a good ring to it and people will remember it.

We will be soon launching on our site and I know there will be a little announcement on this blog about about! For now, I’d love you to give my company an Instagram follow:


I promise you won’t regret it! We are soon open for business and I can reveal that we are going to have an amazing fruit scents like: Mango and Coconut, Strawberry, Cherry and many many more! So if you like sweet scents of fruit, these candles will be right up in your alley!

Thank you to anyone who decided to follow my company’s Instagram! I appreciate all of you!