Hygge Your Way Into Summer

Although winter is considered the biggest hygge season because all of us cosy up inside, sheltering from the cold with our hot cup of cocoa, blankets and big sweaters, hygge can be found in all the seasons, all year around. Just think about it – farmer markets, bike rides, concerts, festivals (what’s up, Coachella?), picnics, hike, a warm evenings in your garden accompanied by glass of wine and the laughter of children? It all comes down to hygge!

What’s a hygge? First things first, it’s pronounced as hoo-ga. There is no specific translation of the word. Hygge doesn’t have one meaning either. It means different things to different people. An online dictionary says:

Hygge is a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

The simplest explanations I can come up with is that it is a feeling of cosiness, a comfortable mood; it’s when you feel happy in the moment because you are enjoying the little things in life. It’s when nothing else matters but you and your feelings. It’s big jumpers and warm socks, it’s summer hats and picnic baskets. It’s blooming flowers and fresh-cut grass. If you ever have enjoyed a cup of coffee on your porch or in your garden then it’s very possible you experienced hygge without even knowing!

So what can we do to enjoy the hygge into the summertime to its full potential? It’s easy to forget about summer hygge, especially in the UK, where warm days are just an occasion and sunshine is a holy grail for all British people. Here are some tips on how to hygge your way into the happy summer!

Fresh flowers

Take advantage of the fact that is it the flower season and bring the nature to your home. Flowers are at their best in the summer. They look absolutely fantastic and you can see them everywhere you look. Unleash your creativity and make beautiful home bouquets that you’ll be proud of. Fresh, beautiful flowers make your home smell fantastic so don’t be scared to put them in every room in your house. They bring joy, happiness and there’s endless possibilities when it comes to mix and matching! Some of the best smelling flowers include: lavender, gardenia, mock orange, lilac, sweet pea or honeysuckle. If you don’t know where to start or have no idea where to buy the flowers, check for the local farmer markets around your area or search online for the companies that deliver flowers directly to your door. These are the best places to purchase natural flowers.

Dining outside/barbecues

Not only it is the greatest way to spend time with your family and friends but it is also a chance to enjoy the outside. The sunshine, the light breeze, the cosiness of your garden furniture, sun rays and the amazing smell of barbecued ribs or chicken. Dining outside can be an experience itself. It doesn’t have to be boring as some of you might think. You can bring your blankets out, set up a picnic space with pillows, candles and your favourite drinks and some good music. Make it look special with some flowers and wine. There is room for your creativity. And who knows, it can be one of those moments you will remember for the rest of your life.

Drink outside

It is something that can become a habit or even a ritual for some people. Try enjoying your coffee or tea, or even a glass of juice while wandering around your garden. Take in all the colours, the smells, the sounds, the views. For me (even though I cannot go out with my drink as I live in a flat) it is important to stop for a second and observe. I like to stand in front of my living room window and look at the trees, swaying in the wind and people walking around. There is something calming about it. To be in the moment while sipping your morning drink can guarantee that the beginning of your day will be ten times better.

During summer we can also enjoy some of our alcoholic drinks. In the evenings, when the stars are out or when the sun is going down, sit down on your porch or in your garden, grab your drink and just enjoy the view. Soak in the beautiful sunset. Watch your kids (or grandchildren) still playing outside on the grass. Be with yourself, get comfortable, bring yourself a blanket to keep warm. Put on some slow music. Enjoy it. Take your time.

Summer themed decorations

I don’t know about you but I love changing my living room decor with the seasons! As the winter is gone now we have to hide the gloomy colours and bring on the brights! During summer I go for bright colours such as yellows, pinks and creams. It lightens up the room, giving it the right vibe. Try to buy pillows in lively colours, make your own embroidery on them. There’s so many possibilities with this technique. I have never tried it but I heard it is such a great experience, giving people the feeling of fulfilment. Summer is also my favourite DIY projects time. I find it so easy to create things that are fun, pretty and match the summer vibe in my house!

Go for long walks

And when I say long, I mean it. Not an hour walk – go explore. Take a hike, go around taking photos. It’s so easy to forget how beautiful our world can be. When you go for walks, hikes, bike rides – you see it all. Wandering around can be so pleasant. Smelling the trees, seeing them lightly brush against one another. Hiking up the mountain, looking at the city that’s alive just underneath your feet. Looking at the strange-shaped clouds and how smoothly, slowly they move. Greeting other people and dogs on your path. Not only it is a calm, soothing thing to do but also it is an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.


Summer is the season where the juiciest, the sweetest, the most enjoyable fruits can be found. Having a bowlful of fruits on your kitchen tops creates yet another beautiful decoration for your home but also, you can enjoy the indulgent treat every time you feel like it. Or you can make it into a fruit salad – again, there’s so many possibilities to mix and match! Buy little cut shapes so you can get creative with it! If you have kids it is a great way to make them involved and happy. You can even try and go fruit picking in the countryside. Turn off your phone, put it away. Read a book while snacking on strawberries. Trust me, it creates other type of feeling.

Summer season is filled with hygge moments. You don’t even have to look far away. You just have to enjoy it, find your happy in it. Take advantage of the warm days and appreciate every second. It’s so easy to bury yourself in work, stuff to do, so take a moment, get a glass of your favourite drink, sit down outside and attract sun rays! Add hygge in your dictionary and let’s enjoy the summer while it lasts!

What is your hygge? Do you have a favourite season to practice hygge in? What is the one thing that you love to do during summer?

Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Hygge Your Way Into Summer

  1. It’s winter soon in Australia … so just in time for hygge – I love having a cup of tea swathed in blankets and a hot water bottle on my couch 🙂

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