5 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Incredible

Having a great smelling house can be a challenge for so many of us. When most of us have pets or children and sometimes it’s hard to keep them from making things dirty and smelly, some of us might generally live in the area where the smells from outside can affect the smell on the inside.

I am both of those people. I recently got two kittens who are lovely but also make a lot of mess. Obviously, if it’s a flat we have to have litter trays and you can imagine how bad can that smell sometimes! Plus, we live in the centre of the town which brings us to a lot of cars, lorries, vans but also people who like to smoke in front of our building. It all comes down to bad smells around the house.

So what can we do to make our homes smell good?

Fabric Fresheners

I know it’s quite a new thing for some of us. I personally found them not so long ago, when I moved to my new apartment and wanted to keep the smell inside in check. Fabric Fresheners are mostly used, as the name says, on fabrics. Sofas, armchairs, pillow, blankets, duvets, sheets – all of this can be refreshed with just a couple of pumps. You can buy different types too – there’s even one specially made to clean away lingering pet odours! It is definitely a product that’s worth a try!

Essential Oils

Now, this one is probably not so common as other things but trust me, it’s worth it. I actually got it from my partner as he was the first one to show me. Right now, I usually use essential oils in my bins – bathroom and kitchen – so the odour from the inside of the bin won’t spread around the house. It is a simple way but works perfectly. You can buy essential oils anywhere on the Internet but I highly recommend using Amazon as you can find bundles for reasonable prices.


I know that some of you will say it is a basic thing to have around your house. Yes, I agree. It is basic. Yet, I know some people who don’t have them at home at all. Let me tell you why they’re so important to me. It’s an easy way to refresh your home when you have pets – especially ones that can’t go out and use the outside as a toilet. You can use it around your bins to get rid of the nasty smell of rotting rubbish. Or you can just have it as an air freshener in general, to make different spaces at your home smell contrasting. I personally have one in each room, just in case I would feel like I need it.


This is something I was introduced to by my friend (and I have permission to share it with you). Scentsy is a company selling fragrance waxes and oils, but also cleaning products. They smell fantastic! I have a couple of them at home and I am absolutely in love. You can buy the diffusers or wax warmers for a reasonable price – it’s like a candle but modern. It looks so pretty, there are so many patterns and smells you can choose from! The candle waxes and oils lose scent very slowly so you can enjoy the scent in your home longer.


We all have those. It’s not only great decoration, but if you know where to shop for good-smelling candles, you can get amazing scents to spread at home. I personally like Sand and Fog candles. They’re big, have great packaging, and the smell is incredible. I bought mine a couple of months ago (I don’t remember what shop it was though). I know they have a Facebook page where you can order their candles. It’s a great way to juggle between different smells. And if you enjoy candles in general (like me) – this is a place for you!

You can also try shopping for my handmade candles! I make them to order, you can choose your own scent and label!
Click here to see more!

What types of scents do you like the most? What do you have at your house? How do you keep your home smelling nice and fresh?

Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Incredible

  1. Essential oils and candles are my go-to for good smells, though I enjoy flowers to brighten a space up and fresh air when it smells of summer. Putting incense or lavender between sheets and clothes is one of my favorite ways to add some scent to cloth as well.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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