My Living Room Decor On A Budget

I don’t know about you but I struggled a lot with buying decorations for my own flat. I had no idea what I wanted. Do I want natural tones? Wooden pieces? Or a more modern approach? I spent hours looking for inspiration on Pinterest but every time I liked something it was too expensive for me. My budget is very tight so I couldn’t go around and buy whatever I fancied. I had to go my own way and try to decorate my lovely flat with inexpensive objects looking good.

I had £100 left on decorations after buying my dream couch, TV unit and coffee tables. It seems to be not enough for good decor, especially if you’re into a little bit more expensive things but I found a way where I can spend exactly that without worrying I will go over!

I chose two sites I mainly used for my shopping – Wilko and Argos. They both have items you can buy for reasonable prices. I think it’s worth it to spend some times searching around the site as you never know what will pop up. I started off looking for mirrors. I feel like every house needs a mirror, right? So I went on Argos site and searched for wall mirrors first, sorting the page from low to high prices. This is £16 round mirror I found. I loved everything about it. It was small, cute and just perfect to hang in the living room. One thing I hated about it was the actual frame. I wanted my mirror to look modern. I am in love with rose gold colour so I referred to Wilko’s site and bought £6 Spray Paint. I spent £22 on both products but the spray paint can come in handy later.

I really wanted my flat to look a bit homier so I decided I need some plants. But wait a minute, I can’t take care of real plants. They need a lot of attention and watering and the right places for them to grow. And let’s face it, flat isn’t the best place to have plants, especially if you have noisy pets like me. I decided to look for small, artificial plants. Yes, I am in love with everything small and cute. Fortunately, Wilko had some of the cutest succulent plants I absolutely love. I bought two of the ones in white pots. They match my living room vibe so much! I wanted to liven up the relaxation part of my living room, making it cosier. I like them because they are not requiring any care, except dusting it from time to time, and they look amazing. You can mix and match them with other succulent plants. For two of these plants, I paid £8 and I used them on my coffee table!

Wilko Artificial Succulent Plant in Ceramic Pot

7.5cm x 7.5cm x 12cm

£4 per one plant

Next things I looked for were blankets and throws. I believe Wilko is THE BEST place to buy those. I have never touched anything softer than a blanket I chose to buy in their stores. There’s a variety of colours you can choose from – I decided on yellow as it is my favourite colour but I also picked up a black one for my boyfriend to create a “couple duo”.

Wilko Mustard Ultrasoft Throw,

120cm x 150cm


I was so happy about how things were looking so far but something was missing. I had my sofa for a long time and I didn’t realise the most important thing – it needs cushions! It looked a little bit lonely with the only yellow blanket on the side. I went on a search for cushions on Wilko site as I knew that it will be cheap. And I was right. I fell in love with two types of cushions. One was the fluffy cushion in blue colour and the other ones were plain grey cushions. I think it works perfectly with a yellow throw and grey sofa.

Wilko Blue Faux Mongolian Cushion

43cm x 43cm

£3 per cushion (sale price)

Grey Chenille Cushion

43cm x 43cm

£4 per cushion

The last stop before my living was complete were some good smelling candles so my house would smell amazing. I used to have a Sand and Fog candle with a scent of Goji Berry and it was a fantastic smell but I want to change things up a little and so I decided to buy the biggest candle I have ever seen. It’s in the beautiful teal glass container (which I spray painted with my rose gold paint – told you it will come in handy!) and has three wicks!


What a surprise! I had £40 left from all the shopping I made. I probably will try to buy a little basket for the future blankets that I can also use as a side table or a little ottoman for my feet so I can kick them up after a long day at work. Or maybe more cushions? There’s never enough cushions, right?

What do you think about my living room decor? Is it something you’d do in your home?

14 thoughts on “My Living Room Decor On A Budget

    1. I know, right? It is extra soft! And the best part of it is actually that it doesn’t change after washing!


    1. Thank you so much! I just got two kittens! They’re about 4 months old and they are so naughty! And so inquisitive that it’s hard to keep them both in check!


    1. It’s such a pain! If you need any help with picking you can follow me on Instagram! I be halpy to help x


  1. Wow I just love your living room!! I can’t believe how inexpensive that throw and those cushions were – they look awesome! I’m a sucker for a candle too and that sounds like it smells amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! They were very cheap and they’re so soft 💛 and the candle is absolutely amazing, I light it every day x


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