How To Be Body Positive – Part 2

Yesterday I published the first part of How To Be Body Positive. I didn’t think I will make a part two but after talking to my friends for awhile they shined a light on a different aspects of body positivity and self-love. Things that I wasn’t really processing in the previous post. I was impressed by how their minds work and how passionate they were about it so I asked them to make a list of some tips for me and I promised I’ll create a post about it.

The definition of self-love in one of the online dictionaries says that it’s an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue, proper regard for and attention to one’s own happiness or well-being. In simpler words, it is a lifestyle where you accept yourself for who you are, with all of your flaws and imperfections. So what else can we do to feel better with who we are?

Understand you’re unique

It’s something that we are struggling a lot with nowadays. Some of the people are trying so hard to look like models and be perfect. They’re using the creams for stretch marks and wicked machines to break the cellulite, everything just so they can look like others. I believe perfection comes with imperfections that we have to accept. After all, our imperfections make us who we are and no one is the same as you. You are the only person looking exactly like you. And there might be someone who looks similar but they will never be you.

Accept your flaws as a part of you only you can change

Let’s face it – we all have flaws. Nobody is completely perfect. And that’s okay. We don’t need to be perfect. Our flaws are something that makes us unique. Taking me for an example, my jaw is crooked a bit to one side so when I smile it looks a bit weird. But I learned how to love it because it makes me who I am. And yes, I could change it but why would I do that? I love this flaw. And I won’t stop because someone once told me that I should get a jaw augmentation to correct it. It is mine and only mine. And simply I can decide what I’ll do with it. So accept yourself the way you are. Love yourself, all of you, no matter how big or small.

Stop comparing yourself with others

There is simply no point in it. Just as I said – you are unique, so comparing yourself to somebody else would just be silly. I used to do this a lot, I believe we all did at some point in life. Mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and wishing we had what others have. Instead, try to think of you and others as equal people. No one is better than you, no one is prettier than you, no one is greater than you. They may have money but money can’t buy your happiness. It can buy you expensive things you can surround yourself with but it won’t fill your heart. You happiness starts with you and how you perceive it.

Respect your body and mind

Get rid of bad habits. I know, it’s easier said than done. I’ve been going in circles on this one. I just can’t give up pizza nights and crisps. I still eat healthy foods but I don’t care about calories that much. I don’t intend to change anything about myself as I love myself the way I am. But not everyone will feel like that. As much as you love yourself you can have plans to lose weight for your happiness and satisfaction. Eating properly and doing some exercise can help you see that you’re owner of your body and only you can make it look different. Let your mind get a rest from the information coming through TV or Internet by doing some hobbies you have. I personally like to take a little time to meditate in the morning and in the evening or do some yoga.

Create personal boundaries

If there is something you don’t like when you’re around your friends, for example they are talking about something that makes you uncomfortable, talk about it! They are your friends and they have to accept your decision and how you feel about things. These aren’t necessarily words, they can also be actions. How many times you got stuck in the situation where you didn’t like what is happening but you were too scared to say anything about it so you just suffered in silence? It’s through personal boundaries that people will know what you allow and what you don’t, and they will adjust to you. You’ll also become a better judge of people, creating a space where only the most important and understanding will get a place.

Encourage yourself everyday

When you achieve your goals, even the smallest ones, encourage yourself in every possible way. You got up today and dressed? Tick! You achieved something! You did your exercise today (even if it was only 10 minutes)? Perfect! You ate a home-cooked meal that you cooked all by yourself? Amazing! Everything you do can be an achievement that could encourage you to do better! And when you are finally comfortable with setting yourself some bigger goals, you’ll see that you can do anything you put your mind to! So grab a notebook, write down things you’ve always wanted to do but never get a chance to and work to reach it!

Nowadays people have so many things to do, whether it’s taking care of family or working 12 hour shifts that they forget about taking care of themselves. Why won’t we switch things up a little and start to think more about ourselves. Take your time, own it. Be your own boss.

What do you think about these tips? Do you think you can do anything? How do you feel about taking more time for yourself?

4 thoughts on “How To Be Body Positive – Part 2

  1. I really needed this! I’ve struggled a lot on and off with body confidence and positivity over the years. A bad experience left me with a lot of issues, but with help from family and my boyfriend of (nearly) four years by my side, I’m feeling better about it all. But every now and again, it comes back to haunt me…this post has helped put me back in a positive place when it comes to my body, thank you! Such a beautiful post ๐Ÿ™‚

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