Writing Overload – Overview


If you’re here and you’re reading this now – welcome! I am glad you’ve found your way to our website! It’s a pleasure to meet you and I hope you’ll enjoy reading all of our posts and articles as much as we enjoyed writing them. And by “we”, I mean me – the founder and main writer of this blog – Monika. For now, it’s just me, myself and I (I am pretty sure it will stay like that for a long time). As we all know, the beginnings are hard and it’s not easy to achieve the first couple of goals. But I am determined and I really want this to work out.

I’ve had my fair share of blogs in the past but none of them lasted more than couple of months as I didn’t believe in my abilities. Although I had some good amount of views I couldn’t keep up with thinking about more to write. I wanted to be unique so badly that I quickly ran out of things to say and share, and in the end I gave up on the whole idea of having a blog. This time is different. I am certain I can do this. I have a whole plan written down, with all the goals I want to achieve in a year. I believe in myself.

This is my first post on this blog and, fairly, I decided to share a story about how my website was created, how it became a thing and whose idea was it to start writing engaging posts. And let me tell you, it was a bumpy ride for me. It’s not something I could decide in one day. Not only because I have some previous experiences with blogs (mostly with giving up on them or just losing hope that I could make something good out of it) but also because I love what I do and want to share a good chunk of my talent with you.

I started my writing journey with fan-fictions. I used to be in love with one of the most popular bands in the world. I absolutely adored them to the point where my imagination ran wild when I thought of them. And that’s when I decided to let my thoughts appear on paper. So I wrote and wrote and wrote… I couldn’t stop. Some of my friends used to tell me that I have a gift for this. Even my English teacher was impressed by how good I was at it. I kept going.

My first blog I ever had was on Blogger.com and I basically transferred everything I had in my journals to the web, where EVERYONE could see it. I didn’t even think about editing or proofreading the things I have written. I never was more desperate for attention from people than right in that moment. It wasn’t a great story, but people seemed to like it. After awhile, as usual, I have lost all creative vein and eventually stopped uploading more chapters. Then, you can imagine what happened – I have lost hope and interest, gave up on the blog, deleted all content – as I did with every other one I had (which wasn’t a great thing to do as I essentially just lost my whole work I was doing).

It wasn’t because I didn’t like the things I wrote. It was more because I couldn’t keep up with it. People were demanding more and more from me and I felt like I am wasn’t being enough; like I have to work harder for the enjoyment of other people. This run for fame and adoration stripped me off from my creative thinking. I’ve lost the interest in writing for couple of years before I started again. And again. And again. And again.

I have realised something over the years of writing, re-writing, editing too much, editing too little and deleting content – I was never truly myself. I was trying so hard to be perfect that my blogs lost the one most important thing when it comes to writing – I lost myself. I tried so hard to please other people that I forgot I should write for my own pleasure. And somehow writing became a tiring thing, full of anger because nothing was really working. But it won’t if I will be just like other people.

I aim to be unique in my own ways. I want people to feel loved, engaged and content when they read my posts. I create to please, of course, I do, that’s what being a writer is about. But I also want myself to enjoy it. And when I was creating this blog, I thought really long about what I’d like to write about – what I love and enjoy, what I want to share with you, the readers. I created a list of three things that make me feel happy and I will write about:

  1. Body Positivity
  2. Home Decor and Design
  3. Lifestyle and Beauty

Each topic will be categorised neatly to make it easier to navigate on my website, for your and my comfort. I aim to write three posts a week, increasing it slowly. It might be less if posts will be longer than usual (I really can go over 2000 words when I speak about something of my liking). During the horrible pandemic that is with us right now, I am going crazy at home so I hope that writing will make me less lonely and I will have a chance to read some of your blogs and meet some of you, amazing writers.

If you see anything you like on my short list and would like to hear from me again, give this post a like, comment to share an opinion and leave a link to your website so I can see all of your beautiful work! I hope you’re doing well and being the best version of yourself, are you?

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